in honor of valentine’s day i wanted to to share one of my favorite books, made up of a collections of 18 short stories about love…i could talk it up forever, but the words are what make this book so special…here’s an excerpt from the first story “little birds“…

“a woman in a wheelchair is being pushed across the bridge by her husband. They are in love. Only the back wheels move across each plank. He tilts the chair toward him as though his body is drinking from hers. I wish he could see her face. She clings to a small cloud of tissue…I’d like to think this is their first time in paris. I can imagine him later on, straining to lift her from the chair in their gray hotel room with its withering curtains swollen by wind. I can picture her in his arms. He will set her in the bed as though it were a slow river.”

as one reader descibred it: “van booy is a poet whose rich and lyrical prose tells of having found something truly beautiful. His stories are tributes to the brevity of experience and the endurance of emotions. They are mysteries in broad daylight that make us weep with the bittersweet joy of having been born at all.”