first, how funny are these picture? they’re taken from the article i’m about to share, and it’s another reason why i love the magazine phychology today, there’s always a touch of humor in every issue.

now for the article, “are you with the right mate?”…according to the article this is a question we all ask ourselves at some point in our relationships.

it’s totally normal to question your compatibility, but what the article wants to remind us is our relationships will not always be a source of happiness. however, those less than satisfying moments are necessary for growth.

the article also points out that no one is going to have all their needs met in a relationship. rather than focusing so much on the negative, we need to accept the person we choose and who chooses us. we’re all flawed, and as one pyschologist puts it, “you don’t have a line-item veto when it comes to your partner. it’s a package deal; the bad comes with the good.”

what i found very interesting is women generally initiate more break ups. the reason given is “they tend to have a model framework for what the relationship should be. they are more prone to the comparison between what they have and what they think they should have.”

(katz, 60 physcholoy today january/february 2012)

for more, read article here