baked gnocchi wih spinach recipe, you have to try it!

so i discovered the perfect guest friendly/family style meal. not that i wouldn’t eat it all on my own, just loved the simplicity matched by the delicousness of this meal.

do you love gnocchi, goat cheese, parmesean cheese, cream sauce and spinach? then you’ll definitely enjoy! and you’ll have enough food to feed 6 hungry people.

if you haven’t had baked gnocchi before, i would say it’s similar to baked lasagna, but better! you get the chewy pillowy gnocchi, which i personally prefer over mushy lasagna.

why was it so perfect? well the prep time was about 10 minutes, which entailed making the cream sauce to pour over the gnocchi, and then layering on the ingredients in a baking sheet. i only had to abandon my friends for a few min, and then threw it in the oven for 30 minutes, and let the magic happen. it’s like gourmet mac and cheese, and i loved the way the spinach gives it color, and different texture.

although i did love this recipe, the other plus is the sauce, cheese and greens can definitely be substituted. red sauce is definitey welcomed…do you have mozzarella and ricotta instead? still delcious! kale instead of spinach? throw it in!

and since i wanted the house to smell like fresh baked cookies when my guests arrived, i figured i couldn’t go wrong with classic chocolate chip cookies.

i cheated a little by using ready made cookie dough, and i was so happy with the quality, that i would definitely recommend getting from immaculate baking co. so convenient, no need to buy eggs and butter, and no extra dishes to clean.

we ate them before dinner, because obviously you want them fresh out of the oven! i made 24, and they’re all gone. there was only 4 of us!