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pandora has broadened my music horizons, introduced me to countless amazing songs and artists, and helped me discover my musical preferences.

this understanding was a result of obsessivley analzying every attribute that pandora associates with the music i like, and through a lot of googling of music terms, (my musical knowledge was at a zero), and asking my boyfriend who does know about music, lots of questions.

check out my playlist and musical attributes i’m referring to…

playlist of music i love: http://grooveshark.com/playlist/Music+I+Love/67706814

common attributes of music i like:

mild rhythmic syncopation – rythms which are unexpected…in other words I prefer complex music, often accented in unexpected places, and somewhat scattered. organized and predictable is not for me.

minor key tonality – the opposite of cheerful , very melancholy, can express longing, sometimes despair…i like to think of it as soulful.

folk roots – hard to define this one, but i guess the best way to describe it is by the instruments often used, which are banjos, violins, harmonicas, and “lap-drums.”

vocal harmony – i’m going to assume everyone knows what this one means.