is it possible not to love this picture?

i’m thinking about pets a lot lately after i got carried away and read about half of the 88 stories from an article in the huffington post, called happy tails: amazing stories of rescued pets. the stories were of course very touching, but it also shared some heartbreaking facts about pets in animal shelters in need of a loving home…

According to the ASPCA, there are between 5 and 7 million animals in shelters across the country. And of those, 3-4 million will be euthanized — that’s 60 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats. Most of those animals are euthanized simply because there is no one to adopt them. And yet, despite this overwhelming need, 15-20 percent of new pets are purchased from breeders, while only around 10 percent are adopted from shelters.”

i’m certainly not against getting a dog from a breeder, my parents’ male german sheperd ruger is, and we wouldn’t trade him in for the world…they did however adopt sasha, a female german sheperd who was destined for a shelter had we not taken her in…below are the beautiful couple, sasha (left) and ruger (right)…

then there’s whiskers, a cat we took in from family members who no longer wanted her… i loved her dearly and had her for 18 yrs of my life….

unfortunately the “no pets allowed” rule at our apt building is getting in the way of having a pet, but someday when we can have one, i’ll definitely adopt.