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the shanty is a wonderful cocktail lounge attached to its own distillery… a few things make this place very special… the perfumes you smell coming from the distillery as soon as you walk in, their house-made gin’s and soon to come rye, their very skilled bartender’s serving flawless drinks, and the picture windows looking out to their distillery, where you can see the beautiful copper and steal machines that make their craft spirits….see photos and reviews below.

of all the drinks we tried, the lonesome hero (an old fashioned variant) was the best, for taste, and the amazing large hand cut ice…

what we drank:

sneaky sour: tito’s vodka, lemon, carpano antica, juniper-coriander syrup & egg white, served up with a brandied cherry

the acerbic mrs.parker: dorothy parker gin with lemon & hibiscus syrup

the lonesome hero: rye whiskey, becherovka, combier cherry liqueur, orange bitters, lemon twist, served old-fashioned style over large hand-cut ice

review from ny times:

“You can get impeccable drinks here, made with top-shelf spirits, house-made syrups, exotic bitters and hand-cut ice.

You know, the usual. What sets this new bar apart is the big shiny copper and steel contraption in the next room. That’s the New York Distilling Company’s still, which by day turns grain into gin. At night, illuminated like a civic statue, it becomes décor, visible through the picture windows on the bar’s back wall.

The Shanty functions on its own terms, though. Home-team spirits are featured, not pushed. They will soon serve cheese and pickles from Stinky Brooklyn. It’s a comfortable place, though the industrial exposed-brick look suggests slick professionalism. That may be the point. The owners — Tom Potter, a founder of Brooklyn Brewery, and the spirits expert Allen Katz — have impressive résumés.

And the product? Oh, it’s very, very good. For now, they have two types of gin, both novel. The Dorothy Parker is citrusy and floral; Perry’s Tot is spicy and intense, and a whopping 114 proof. (A rye and a few abstruse creations are in the works.)”

review from L magazine:

“For co-founders Allen Katz (formerly of Southern Wine and Spirits) and Tom Potter (Brooklyn Brewery), the adventure has just begun. Craft distilling with local ingredients may be the new black, but the greater ambition of the New York Distilling folks is to transcend locavore trends and offer the booze community a new product, outstanding in its own right, regardless of origin and pedigree. At the moment they are producing two types of gin. Perry’s Tot Navy Strength Gin is, at 57 percent ABV, remarkably smooth—dangerously so, really, with a touch of wildflower honey accenting the botanicals while bringing warmth and depth that might have more than a few tipplers considering drinking this all winter long. Dorothy Parker American Gin is a blend of botanicals new and old that, when mixed with lemon and hibiscus syrup, as in The Acerbic Mrs. Parker, creates a cocktail as refreshingly straightforward as the name suggests.

Cocktails are easily enjoyed at this intersection of industry and community, as copper hues glitter throughout the dark barroom like pennies on a moonlit sidewalk. The still provides a commanding vista from any vantage point. Seating is flexible, with a mix of bar stools, communal tables and a low-lying lounge area with a bench against the picture window, making this drinking experience as intimate or convivial as you wish to make it.”