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yesterday was a very memorable day i took off to spend time with my mom, and explore my neighborhood together…we started our day at five leaves, chatting, people watching, sipping on red wine, and enjoying the casual vibe of this amazing cafe. i love their eclectic menu for it’s comfort foods and australian accents.

if you look around, just about every table has an order of tuffle fries, do not leave here without trying them!

what we orderd:

five leaves burger, grass-fed beef with pineapple ring, house pickled beets, harissa mayo and a sunny-side egg (my mom asked them hold the pineapple)

Chopped black kale with spicy anchovy dressing, aged gouda, hazelnuts

Side of truffle fries

after lunch we stopped at the the roastery and cafe, blue bottle for coffee and sweets…this place serves the “ferrari of coffee” as cnn describes it, and pastries with a “devout following” accrording to this ny times article.


drip coffees, or if you enjoy iced get the new orleans style

for baked goods, the smores (homemade graham crackers and marshmallows), or chocolate cookie (made with local mast brothers chocolate)