as we all know the french love cheese and they love wine. as charles de gualle once said of france “how can anyone govern a nation that has over 246 different kinds of cheese?”

the french paradox is the observation, that despite the high rates of fat and wine consumption, the french notably have very low rates of heart disease.

an article i read in pychology today, titled “cheez whiz“, explains this paradox, and the health benefits of indulging in eating cheese and drinking wine.

in regards to wine, the article explains “current research attributes the heart health of the french to the significant intake of red wine; it’s rich in antioxidants, such as resveratrol, specifically protects the heart and brain as people age, studies show.”

as for cheese, the article says studies show cheese “isn’t the dietary villain it’s long been assumed to be.” on the contrary, “unlike butter, cheese has no effect on cholesterol levels” and “there’s some evidence that the calcium content in cheese boosts the excretion of fats and promotes weight loss.”

moral of the story, do as the french do and eat more cheese, and drink more wine!