A Scene Grows in Brooklyn

every bon appétitt magazine i’ve ever owned, is sitting on my bookshelves, dating all the way back to 2009. i love to reread them, and recently found an article featuring my own beloved neighborhood, williamsburg, brooklyn.

a scene grows in brooklyn  describes williamsburg as a place “where young people can still go to live the age-old dream of making it in new york.” however, as the writer explains, “you won’t find starving artists, but instead cultural creatives who eat awfully well.”

the article from the may 2009, “best in usa” travel issue, spotlights  diner and marlow and sons.  both restaurants are from the same owners, and are equally amazing!

diner offers delicious food in a converted 1927 dining cart. tables are covered in paper with hand scribbled daily specials such as poached eggs w/ asparagus purée, pea shoots, country bread w/ whipped lardo. 

below is one of their daily poached egg specials.

marlow and sons is part restaurant, part store. the smell of coffee and fresh baked goods fill the air, and tables and shelves are filled with local and fancy foods. their minimalist menu doesn’t do the food justice, but the waiters do an excellent job of giving all the delicious details of each dish.

below is their staple brick chicken dish.