after reading this post about poor porker, the beignet and chicory coffee serving mobile stand, it made me think of the first beignet i ever tried at cafe du monde in new orleans.

at first i had some doubts i could finish their standard serving of three per order, but as you can see from the photo i shamelessly made a mess of myself, and enjoyed every bite! my chicory coffee was served au lait, and nicely sweetened with all the powdered sugar that spilled into my cup.

when  the couple who owns poor porker was asked what inspired them to open their mobile stand, they explained to sous style, “while in los angeles last year we went on a crazy scavenger hunt for good beignets and chicory coffee butcouldn’t find any that came close to the ones we’ve had in new orleans. we knew then that if we wanted them, we’d have to make them ourselves… and we did.”

although i find it hard to believe another beignet could ever compare to cafe du monde, i would be willing to give poor porker a shot!