last weekend my mom spent a very special occasion, her 50th bday, where i live in williamsburg, brooklyn. the weekend was shared with two great friends and my boyfriend as well. My parents and friends had a wonderful stay at the wythe hotel, and we all had an unforgettable dinner at st.anselm, and the best chocolate cake at our apartment from bakeri. last but not least, the next morning we ate at one of my favorite brunch spots, cafe colette.

room at wythe hotel

we took a tour of my parents room, which happened to be a room with bunk beds. this was the last room available when they booked it, but the flat screen tvs for each bed seemed to make up for this. the room was beautiful and modern with huge floor to ceiling windows, and cool artwork outside the window.

drinks at hotel rooftop bar

afterwards, we had drinks at the hotels rooftop bar, with an amazing view of manhattan’s skyline.

dinner at st.anselm

after drinks we all had dinner at st.anslem. for what st.anselm lacks in elegant decor, it makes up for with delicious food and a cozy atmosphere. the exposed brick and wood accents gives it a cottage feel. we dined at a large wood table and felt as if we were guests in someone’s home.

we came here for the steak, as everyone should. they’re known for their butcher steak and rib eye sold by the ounce. my dad and friend shared the 47 oz rib eye, and regretted not getting a larger cut! appetizers and sides certainly don’t fall short either! everything is cooked on the grill, which makes it all taste so much better.

appetizers we tried are artichokes hearts & garlic aioli,  avocado & shrimp salad, wine braised octopus, grilled tomato and burrata, and grilled haloumi cheese with pea greens and long beans

sides we tried are pan-fried mashed potatoes & truffle oil, spinach gratin, and broccolini

dessert from bakeri 

dessert was served at my apartment, where we had a triple chocolate tart (chocolate cookie crust, filled with dark chocolate flourless filling and a dark chocolate glaze) from bakeri along with hazelnut gelato.

brunch at cafe colette

cafe colette is the type of place with a limited menu, yet it has something for everyone… and it’s always fresh and always delcious.

what we ordered: freshly baked lemon and poppy seed scone, cast iron baked french toast with poached pears and housemade butter and whipped cream, mexican chilaquiles (a mix of strips of fried corn tortilla, pulled chicken, salsa, eggs, and cheese). market frittata (changes daily) poached eggs over smashed and fried potatoes, breakfast sandwich with paprika aioli, cheese burger and fries.