Our second day in san francisco was an entire day spent in the mission district, hanging out in cafes, vintage shopping, lounging in the park, eating a lunch of pressed tartines, and sharing one of the best dinners of our trip!

here are some second day highlights:

we started our day with cappuccinos and a pastry from four barrel coffee.

here is a glimpse of the dressing room in the vintage store no shop, where i bought the most amazing floral print romper!

lunch was at tartine bakery, where we had a croque monsieur (shown above) and a pressed sandwich with sopressata, fontina, brocolli rabe pesto, we couldn’t decide which was better! most people have their dessert first while their sandwich is being made. i regret not doing the same! i will be back for the banana cream tart for sure…

after lunch we went to dolores park for some people watching and relaxation .

for dinner we went to delfina restaurant, and it was pretty much the best meal of my life. we had a pasta tasting of prosciutto-marscapone ravioli w/ lemon butter sauce, and garganelli w/ guinea hen ragu. i usually would say the pasta is the best part of the meal, but in this case the grilled calamari over a warm white bean salad, and the roasted duck w/ turkish figs and polenta stole the show!

for drinks after dinner, we went to locanda, where they had some of the best cocktails! i had the nonna del diavlo – rye, strega, ginger, lime, seltzer,  and sean has an old-fashioned as usual (shown above). i mean, who doesn’t love a giant ice cube?