our third day started out with brunch in the sunset district, followed by frolicking at ocean beach, then a dinner back in the mission district, and ended with classic cocktails on haight street.

here are some third day highlights:

we popped into trouble coffee company for coffee and a pork pie while we waited for a table for brunch down the street. it was so nice to see neighbors gathering outside chatting and catching up. you could tell it was a weekend routine, of friends and families meeting up, with their pets in tow.

for brunch we went to outerlands, a cozy and rustic restaurant, and the type of place that keeps blankets in the doorway for patrons to use if they’re chilly. we started our meal with homemade oreo cookies, and both ordered grilled cheese with heirloom tomatoes, and a side of cauliflower soup with toasted pumpkin seeds. sean ordered his grilled cheese with bacon of course, and it was some delicious bacon!

after lunch we hung out at ocean beach, and admired the beautiful cliffs and rocks jutting out from the ocean. the beach was still gorgeous despite the fog and the chill.

since we had amazing drinks from locanda, we figured we should give dinner a shot as well. the decor was very modern and elegant, and i loved the energy of the open kitchen. the fried jerusalem artichoke and bucatini all’amatriciana (shown above) were delicious!

our day ended at alembic bar with a bourbon old-fashioned & a pisco sour.