this cute little puppy flew back to connecticut with my parents, after they fell in love with him during their recent vacation to florida. they thought oliver would be a perfect adopted pet for me, and surprised me with him when they returned home. the only problem is, my landlord has a very strict no pet policy.

we did consider moving to a new apartment to accommodate little oliver, but in the end chose to avoid the stress of moving, and opted not to take him. i was slightly heart broken about it, but learned some good lessons from meeting oliver…one is, i definitely want a dog some day, and training a puppy is quite the challenge!

we assume oliver is mixed with dachshund and some other breed. he has freckly fur on his chest and paws and bowlegs like a basset hound, and the markings of a beagle, but what exactly he’s mixed with will remain a mystery. only thing for certain is, his little stubby legs and floppy ears make him adorable!