when you walk into samurai mama, you feel seriously transported, with the beautiful wood architecture, and candlelit dining room. you hear people slurping delicious udon noodle soups and sipping sapporo beers (the only beer on draft).

here’s the reason you need to try there noodles…their udon soup is made during a two day process. an elaborate broth is made w/ ingredients all imported from japan. they use freshly made and cut udon every day, made from their own custom blend of  flour, creating a uniquely textured noodle.

what we ordered:

mama’s pork gyoza – handmade pork dumplings, these were served in the cast iron pot they were cooked in

ab crunchy sushi roll, you have the option of ordering in standard roll style or “taco style” (wrapped in seaweed) –  boiled shrimp, cucumber, tempura flake

kake udon noodles (served hot soup style) – one w/ pork belly, and one w/ wild mushrooms