we are very thankful that hurricane sandy left very little damage in our neighborhood. however, it did leave us with no subways running and lots of time on our hands. we managed to turn our involuntary staycation, into an enjoyable one, by doing lots of exploring. we went everywhere from nearby spots we usually skip over, to the less familiar parts of our own neighborhood.

looking back i realize we unintentionally went to the “neighborhood standbys”, like the corner bars, cozy restaurants, and local coffee shops and book stores. not places you’d travel far for, but can certainly appreciate for being in your own neighborhood.

here are some highlights from our week…

dinner at juniper for a truffle burger and jambalaya. since it’s byob, we brought our own bottle of red wine.

brunch at jimmys diner, and thanks to watching too many episodes of parks and recreation, we ordered two waffles. one with whipped cream and fruit, and another with fried chicken and gravy.

bar hopped from richlane to daddys, in our homemade halloween costumes.

shopped on franklin ave, and bought books at word bookstore and grabbed coffees at cookie road.