it was reaffirmed that paris is the city for me, after watching anthony bourdain in the layover in paris. the parisian lifestyle is totally aligned with my own. they’re equally passionate about bread, because a meal isn’t a meal without it. they’ll walk miles for the perfect baguette. they take leisure so seriously they have invented a term flauner for “one who strolls about aimlessly.” it’s a very romantic way to describe a person who wanders, and lounges in parks and cafes. admittedly it’s the best way to describe my weekends. below are videos of my favorites parts of this episode.

watch french bread done right

“in french culture bread is huge, it’s just like the weather, it’s just like sunshine, if there is no sunshine, people are depressed, same thing with bread.”

watch the good life in paris

“here it’s okay to be just a flauner, and to dream, and to walk along, and stop in a cafe, all of that is okay, it’s okay to take your time, we think it’s very beautiful.”