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i’m going retro with my new jensen record player! a while back i mentioned to my boyfriend i wanted one, and he surprised me with a gift for the holidays.

there’s much debate over whether a cd or vinyl sounds better, and to be honest i can’t hear much of a difference. it’s actually not the sound, but the look of records and record players that i’ve always been drawn to. when i hear the argument that vinyl is better, there’s usually a reference to the ritual of putting on a record… taking the record out of the jacket, placing it on the record player, moving over the needle, and setting it perfectly on the record…and i definitely agree the experience of playing a record makes listening to it more enjoyable than listening to a cd or a song on my computer.

i’m also very excited to have an excuse to browse record stores, and start growing my collection! so far, the record player was accompanied by my very first vinyl, grizzly bear shields.

p.s. “is the sound of vinyl records better than CDs or DVDs” or why vinyl sounds better than cd or not