this print i recently saw by tina crespo brought to mind a book i once read, that follows the life of a vietnamese chef in 1934 from french colonized vietnam to paris, france. the beautiful story consists of sweat, tears, the ocean and cooking, all tied together with the simple title “the book of salt”. the author monique truong, writes so poetically and had me captivated from the first page. below is one of my favorite quotes from the book…

“if i had your voice, i would never be so terse. i would never stop talking. why would i if i had a voice like a warm fire, not at the crackling and popping early stages but at the moment when all becomes quiet and the embers glow, when heat appears to melt the wood? if i had your voice, i would call out your name from the street, let it pound like a heartbeat at your door, offer it to you as a song. i would never cease.”

– monique truong, the book of salt