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two sundays ago, i was visiting my parents in CT, when i started feeling a mysterious pain in my stomach. a couple hours later nausea and a fever kicked in, i had zero appetite, and this mysterious pain just wouldn’t quit. that’s when my parents and boyfriend suggested that i go to the ER. 

one pathology test, one ct scan,  and 4 agonizing hours later, the doctor confirmed i had appendicitis. i was scheduled to have my appendix removed first thing the next morning.

it’s been two weeks now and i’m almost 100% better. and so thankful for last week’s recovery period to be all over! it makes me appreciate just feeling normal again. i can walk, sit, move, sneeze, laugh, all pain free! you seriously take for granted all the things you do every day, that seem so normal when you’re in good health. it truly makes you appreciate all those simple things. and i can finally eat normal again too. surgery left me bloated and soar, with very little appetite, which is very unlike me.

so obviously there is a lesson to be learned from all of this. one being as i mentioned, appreciation for health and the ability to heal. the other, is to always follow your gut, i could have easily ignored all the symptoms, and avoided the emergency room, and that would have led to my appendix rupturing. but deep down i knew something was off, and i’m so thankful to my parents and boyfriend for giving me the extra push to go to the ER.

i was also reminded of how caring my friends and family are. the get well balloons, flowers, and cards, all meant so much to me. my parents took great care of me the entire week, and my boyfriend took time off to take care of me, and every day i had someone checking in on me. I felt very thankful to be so cared for and for everyone’s well wishes.