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recently, my friend jackie (on left) asked my friend christine (on right) and i to be her bridesmaids. it was just a couple days after valentine’s day, so she very appropriately made us each valentine’s day cards with poems asking us to be part of her big day. i’m excited to be apart of her wedding , and to be a bridesmaid for the first time in my life! naturally it got me thinking about weddings, and how i picture my own someday. personally…i prefer a more intimate wedding, that’s very personal, fun, casual, and elegant all at the same time.

here are a couple weddings i thought represented all of the above…

paris elopement  – even though most people love elegant lavish weddings, i find it hard to believe they couldn’t equally love getting eloped in the most romantic city in the world. sometimes all you need is paris (watch video here)


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intimate dockside wedding  – proving all you need for an amazing wedding are your closest friends, a beautiful lake setting, gorgeous gown, your favorite record, your beloved dog, and delicious seafood (see more photos here)




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