bam theater is officially on my list of favorite places in brooklyn. this weekend i went to see a movie followed by a q&a with writer/director bob byington and actor nick offermanadmittedly, the main reason i went to see the movie somebody up there likes me was to see nick offerman in person. there is no way i could pass up the opportunity to see the man who plays one of the funniest characters on tv, ever! thankfully, his personality was not far off from the character he plays on parks and recreation…he was equally sarcastic, with the same dead pan tone as ron swansonif you’ve never watched parks and recreation before, i highly recommend that you start watching it!

now for the movie…it was definitely a dark comedy, with just the right amount of awkward pauses and offbeat humor to keep me entertained. i was also blown away by the amazing score from vampire weekend’s chris baio, which helped to bring some cheerfulness and lighten the film.

as the la times review  described it, “austin-based writer-director bob byington’s “somebody up there likes me” is a difficult film to describe, but easily inspires a deep sense of affection and connection. words such as offbeat, charming or, lord help us, quirky are wildly overused and yet this is exactly the kind of film to which they best apply.”

below are photos of bam theatre and the best close of i could get of nick offerman during the q&a.

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