our trip to fl began and ended with beautiful clear skies… but unfortunately, a tropical storm rolled in, and made the days in between far from perfect weather. but rain or shine, we were determined to have fun no matter what!

surprisingly enough my parents were visiting sarasota, fl the same week as my boyfriend’s family only a few miles from each other. excited to spend quality time with his family and my own, i joined sean and his parents to stay at their beach house rental for the week.

if i were to design a beach house, it would be exactly like the one we stayed in. the all wood home with exposed beams had a rustic and welcoming feel. the floor to ceiling windows, allowed the sunlight to pour in, and offered a panoramic view of the beach, which was also enjoyed from giant screened in porch. i also loved the hidden path carved out with stepping stones, leading to the beach.

image_10 image_2 image_9 image_11

on the cloudy days we went bowling with sean’s parents, and another day i went to the aquarium with my parents. both activities, i’m not ashamed to say i still love as an adult!




on our last night our families came together for a cookout. we filled the beach house with laughter, sharing family memories, and bonding over the love of our pets. after dinner we walked down to the beach, and watched the sunset while sipping on mojitos. it was my favorite memory from the whole trip.