quotethis quote sums up the reason why i’ve been the world’s worst blogger! i’ve been so focused on everything else, i’ve put off blogging for way too long. i don’t mean to imply everything i’ve been focused on is necessarily important…although i’d say work, yoga, cooking, reading, and social time are all very important, and i suppose resting too, which includes watching reruns on netflix, of shows that are too embarrassing to name….and now it’s time to catch up on my blogging, which i’ll start with some highlights from the past few months…


buttermilk pancakes from jimmy’s diner, potluck picnic on the west side highway, antipasti and mimosas at eataly rooftop, huevos rancheros and mimosas at over the eight


korean bbq in korea town, new year’s eve pizza at best pizza, outdoor movies at upper west side pier…


riding antique carousels and lounging in the sun at governor’s island….



and sleeping in whenever possible.