last weekend, i was a bridesmaid for the very first time. i know it’s to be expected for people to get emotional during weddings, but since i’m not the sentimental type, i was actually surprised by how touched i was. witnessing the tears, the positive energy, and overall feeling of love throughout that day really moved me. my friend and her husband were radiating with love, and for some reason i got the most choked up during their last dance. i suppose it was an accumulation of the whole day, and it just finally hit me. so needless to say, it was a very positive experience for me.

above are a few photos from the wedding. top right is sean and i in the trolley with the entire wedding party and significant others. everyone was all dressed up popping champagne, and drinking coors light on our way to the park for our photo shoot. i love the look of the snow in the top right photo. the park was filled with people due to the unseasonably warm weather, which we referred to as the “wedding miracle”. it was so amusing to see people ohh and ahh over our photos shoot, and of course the bride and groom. people kept yelling out “congratulations” and asking to take pictures. i’m guessing there was probably a good number of photo bombs as well!

bottom left is bobby the pig, who was roaming in the park off leash, with his friendly owner near by. one of the bridesmaids maids fed him an almond, but he seemed to care more about eating all the snow.

bottom right are my friend christine and i posing with our beautiful bouquets in the church. we both have known the bride jackie since freshman year of college. weddings make you realize the importance of all the people you meet, and the different phases of your life.