a nameless bar, referred to as no name barhas a secret noodle bar in its basement. might sound a little ridiculous, but it actually makes the whole experience of eating there more fun and exciting…

as explained on underground gourmet’s 2012 cheap list:

“part of the fun of dining out at this greenpoint dive bar with a secret noodle-slinging sideline is the ordering process. it’s not quite regulation soup nazi rules, but there is a method. here’s how you do it: go to the bar and ask the bartender for the food menu. make your selection…the bartender will give you a ticket and direct you downstairs to the basement….”

here is where you’ll find an open kitchen with a small counter, where you hand over your ticket to the chefs. (seen above)

“when your noodles are ready, you can eat them along a narrow ledge in the grim basement or out back in the garden under the brooklyn sky. either way, they’re magnificent.”

what we ordered:

  • homemade chicken dumplings with peanut sauce
  • shrimp tom yum soup
  • pork wonton soup