we gorged ourselves with sugary kid’s cereal, and brunch cocktails at nitehawk cinema’s  spoons, toons & booze. once a month they offer saturday morning cartoons & free cereal. they have every childhood favorite from garfield & friends, the smurfs, teenage mutant ninja turtles, and doug…and the list goes on.

along with our multiple servings of cereal, i had a mimosa and sean had two white russsian’s. one topped with cocoa puffs, and the other with chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

we also ordered the nitehawk benedict from their brunch menu, with poached eggs, housemade sage sausage  tater tots, and chipotle hollandaise.

the feasting continued with a family style dinner of penne with vodka sauce, and pepperoni pizza. after dinner we all took a stroll around the neighborhood, and walked to the water just before the sun was setting.








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