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smorgasburg  finally reopened, and is officially my second home on the weekends! and i’ve discovered my new smorgasburg fave, the landhaus.

their burger is listed on their menu simply as “lamburger” with no description. so i took my chances, and was rewarded with one of the best burgers i’ve ever had!

their website describes it in more detail as “our custom blend of grass fed lamb and pork fat-back, whipped sheeps milk feta, house made harissa, grilled onions and cilantro on napoli bakery roll. ”

if you’re visiting smorgasburg and looking for landhaus, just follow your nose….there’s a constant aroma of grilled maple glazed bacon coming from their stand.

i can’t  wait to try everything else on their menu…

landhaus bacon, red Leaf lettuce, lucky’s tomatoes, bacon infused mayo on toasted napoli bakery bread

grilled maple bacon sticks
Voted the best bacon in NYC by the villiage voice newspaper. maple syrup, secret spices.

fresh mint lemonade
“best lemonade in brooklyn.”